Pass Through Costs

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    Pass Through Costs

    Sample sentence:
    Pass Through Costs - its a title in a logistics contract

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    Hola tatimc,

    Bienvenid@ a los foros...

    Ni idea en español...but just in case it might help a is a bit of definition.

    These are costs incurred by a vendor of a product or service that are passed on to a client, without markup or any additional fees.

    Example: A third party logistics contractor--3PL--engages freight forwarders and carriers on behalf of a 'shipper' client, and also pays customs duties. The transport services are charged to the shipper at cost plus a percentage of the cost, while the customs duties are "pass through costs" which are charged to the client exactly in the amount paid by the 3PL.

    I hope this may be of some slight help. Lacking any real certain knowledge, I might say costes/costos sin recargo por servicios profesionales. That captures the sense of it, though I'm sure there is specific phrasing used in accounting as well as in la logística.

    The Fondo Monetario Internacional offers these for full-cost pass-through, which is a bit different:

    repercusión íntegra del costo

    Reference International Monetary Fund-Washington, 1986
    TERM traslado íntegro de los costos

    Un saludo,
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    Gracias, la definición que has dado, es a lo que me refiero. Un amigo me ha sugerido costes repercutidos.

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    According to the definition given by cuchuflete, it could be "costos trasladables".
    It is a little late but I hope it may be helpful.


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