1. Bob_bobberson Banned

    Hi, just double checking, but does " passe-temps" mean anything other than hobbies ?

    For example, it doesn't really make sense in the following sentence, does it:
    Dans mes passes-temps j'aime ...

    It would have to be ..

    Dans mon temps libre wouldn't it ?

  2. Chat Perché

    Chat Perché Senior Member

    Northern France
    Français - France
    You are right, Bob, dans mes passe-temps, j'aime' (without any 's' for 'passe by the way :rolleyes:) is not correct.
    I would say : Pendant mon temps libre, j'aime or Mes passe-temps favoris sont ...'
  3. Yendred Senior Member

    Français - France
    No, they are exact synonyms.

    It's not really correct yes, but it's a common colloquial way to say "Parmi mes passe-temps, il y a...", and yes it's equivalent to the more formal "Mes passe-temps favoris sont ...".

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