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  1. Spans85 Member

    I am trying to write about my life and my studies and want to say I have three a levels. Would the following be correct?:

    j’ai réussi mes A-levels en histoire, psychologie et littérature l‘anglaise

    or should I change 'mes' to 'les' or 'des'?
  2. toban

    toban Senior Member

    English - Canada
    I had to look up "A level" because we have a different system here. Unless the French system has a direct equivalent, you may wish to use an extended version of the term. What I mean is that maybe "Advanced level standardised secondary examinations" would be easier to translate.

    Mais bon, j'avoue que je ne connais pas bien les systèmes scolaires en Europe.
  3. Pomdapi

    Pomdapi Senior Member

    français - France
    indeed, you may need to give more details if you apply in France, because nobody knows what is a A-level.
    Basically as it is at the end of high school, it is roughly the same level as the "baccalauréat". However, i would choose an extended description of the degree as suggested by toban...
  4. MademoiselleL Member

    London, UK
    French - France

    For the system in France, I would say something like :
    J'ai réussi l'équivalent britannique du Baccalauréat, option histoire, psychologie et littérature anglaise.
  5. Spans85 Member

    Thank you for the advice. It is just some revision I am doing for a written test I have on Monday. I know I will have to write a letter I am just trying to prepare subjects that may come up. I think instead of A-levels, I will say 'Baccalauréat'. But do I refer to it as 'me Baccalauréat' or 'le Baccalauréat'?
  6. MademoiselleL Member

    London, UK
    French - France

    'Le baccalauréat' is better. 'Me baccalauréat' doesn't mean anything.

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