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I'm a bit stuck here and would like help.

"They passed / past the bakery, only to decide that they would stop by later in the day for an evening treat."

Which one is correct? Thanks
  • owlman5

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    Hello. "Passed" makes sense in that sentence. It tells me that they drove or perhaps walked by the bakery and didn't stop there until later.


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    That's a hard one, putopower!

    You may solve the problem by putting the sentence in the future:
    "The will pass the bakery...". The past participle of to pass is passed.​


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    A lot of people, including native speakers, confuse past and passed.

    "Past" is not the past tense of the verb "pass".

    "Pass" is a regular verb, and it forms its past tenses with -ed at the end, just like cross, crossed and walk, walked.

    They cross the road to get to the bakery.
    They crossed the road to get to the bakery.

    They pass the bakery on the way to school.
    They passed the bakery on the way to school.
    They have passed the bakery many times on their way to school.

    They walked right past the bakery, and didn't even notice the smell of fresh bread wafting from the door.
    The verb is "walked". "Past" here is a preposition, with "the bakery" as its object.
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