passes de trivela/recebeu um tijolo

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    bom dia,

    i need a hand with these two futebol-related expressions...

    from juca kfouri (folha, 6 aogosto, 2007) just the words highlighted

    Aos 33 anos, Vampeta voltou ao time do Corinthians e foi o toque de qualidade na vitória diante do Goiás, no Morumbi. Usou e abusou dos passes de trivela e fez o lançamento que originou o solitário diferença.


    Na Vila Belmiro, quem inaugurou a fácil vitória santista sobre o Flamengo foi Pedrinho, 30, que recebeu um tijolo de Marcos Aurélio, 23, e soube arredondá-lo para fazer 1 a 0.

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    Aqui uma explicação sobre passe trivela.
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    "Passe de trivela", also referred to as "passe de três dedos" (three-toe pass), is a way of kicking the ball by using the outside of the foot - as opposed to the inside, which is generally used for shorter passings. The trivela kick is used for long passings and, since it's supposed to give the ball a side spin, it makes it difficult for the opponent to guess what direction the ball is going to take. The trivela kick is used by the best freekick takers, as it generates a lot of power and a very tricky curve. Roberto Carlos and legendary Rivelino were accomplished masters of that technique.

    "Tijolo" (literally a brick) is a very bad pass. The guy who receives a "tijolo" might have difficulty in controlling the ball. If you receive a pass which is this bad, you must be a good player to do something good out of it.
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    new jersey, usa
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    obrigada torcida! :)

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