Passive Gerund/Infinitive Being/to be+pp into Active Voice

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ponita, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. ponita

    ponita New Member

    Español, Chile

    I would like to know how can I change from a Passive Gerund/Infinitive= Being/to be+pp into Active Voice

    As we know tenses such as present perfect, past on can be turned into active voice
    e. g. this sentence: /She pays a lot of money/ can be changed into /A lot of money was paid/

    How should I write in active form these sentences?: /I hate being sent shopping/ - /The students want to be taught/
    What would be the rule?

    Thanks :confused:
  2. Loob

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    Hi ponita - welcome to the forums!

    You need to add a subject to your sentences, such as "people" or "someone":
    I hate being sent shopping > I hate people sending me shopping
    The students want to be taught > The students want someone to teach them.
  3. ponita

    ponita New Member

    Español, Chile
    thank you

    can I do the same with modals?

    •John might be promoted by his boss next year

    is there any way to make it active?

    I can't figure out how :confused:
  4. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    The correct transformation would be "John's boss might promote him next year." Got it?
  5. ponita

    ponita New Member

    Español, Chile
    Yes thank you so much!

    I'm so sorry for asking again but

    (P)•The children are excited about being taken to the zoo by their parents

    (A) The children are excited by their parents (about) taking them to the zoo --> would this active sentence be right? (considering the passive) The important part is to explain that after propositions ING form is used, so if transforming it to active I delete the preposition "about" would it be clear anyway? because I think it changes the meaning of the sentence using it in the active form.

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  6. xqby

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    You can just keep "about" where it was in the passive sentence. You get rid of "by," because that's the preposition linking "parents" to the passive sentence.
    "The children are excited about their parents taking them to the zoo."
  7. ponita

    ponita New Member

    Español, Chile
    After thinking about it for a while I concluded the same Thanks for confirming. :)
  8. hedgy Senior Member

    What about this one? Can you help me change it into the active? Let me try:
    Passive: She loves being looked at
    Active: She loves people looking at her Is it correct?

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