Passport to Portuguese (book title)

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  1. rovaniemi Member

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    Hi everybody,

    Anybody knows how to say in Chinese "Passport to Portuguese" (the word "Portuguese" refers to the language here). It's the title of book, and I'm trying to translate this title into different languages. The French translation is "Passeport pour le Portugais". The use of the word "passport" may seem strange here, but it's a metaphore and playing with words, and the book visually reminds of a passport.

    Thank you for any help!
  2. xiaolijie

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    Since it's a metaphor, there are many ways to translate it depending on how close the cultures between the two languages are. My try is as follows but I think you'll get better offers from native speaker members:
  3. Ghabi

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    Hello! Unfortunately, the Chinese word for "passport" (护照 hu4zhao4) doesn't carry the metaphorical meaning of "a means to achieve something".:( Somehow we have to use more prosaic words for the sake of understandability.

    XLJ's suggestion is a good one (but one would expect 通向葡萄牙语的成功之路). If you want it to have a classical ring, I may suggest 葡语津梁 (pu2yu3 jin1liang2 "A Bridge Leading to Portuguese").
  4. rovaniemi Member

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    Yes, that's true that in some languages this metaphorical meaning of the word "passport" doesn´t work, so it´s necessary to come up with something different. Thank you xiaolijie and Ghabi for your help:)
  5. Youngfun

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    Or maybe a simple 葡语之道?Is it too metaphorical?
    Or 葡语通行证?
  6. rovaniemi Member

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    葡语之道 does look too metaphorical to me, but I like very much the idea of 葡语通行证, since (if I understand it correctly) it contains the word "pass", which maintains the original idea of a document that gives access to the language.
  7. SuperXW

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    We do use xx通行证 for this kind of ideas. I think this word works just fine~

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