past, present and future verbs

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  1. jack1992 New Member

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    How can I tell if a verb is in the past, future or present? (French language):confused::eek:
    help me if you can thx:)
  2. IParleFrench Senior Member

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    In french, the tenses are conveyed in the conjugation of the verbs.
  3. Aupick

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    Try looking at the verb conjugator.You'll see the typical endings of the different tenses (although there are of course many different patterns.)
  4. jack1992 New Member

    Pakistan English
    it helped:tick::):thumbsup:
  5. Gizzah Senior Member

    It can be very difficult to tell, i'm always getting my tenses wrong.
    There is usually a different pattern for verbs that end in -ER, -RE and -IR in the infinitive, but a few hours of revision a day should get you used to the way these verbs end. The real problem comes when you have to use the Irregular verbs, and naturally, these are the ones you need to use to most. I am (etre), I have (avoir), i go (aller) and i do (faire) are all examples of irregular verbs and are definately worth learning off-by-heart

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