past tense of "ride"

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  1. sekaijuuni Senior Member

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    "I've never ridden a motorcycle."
    "I've never rode a motorcycle."

    To me, "ridden" sounds like a made-up word but "rode" just sounds ig'nant. Which one is correct?
  2. GreenWhiteBlue

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    Ride is an irregular verb.

    The past tense is "rode": I rode my motorcycle into town.
    The past participle (which would be used in combination with forms of have) is "ridden": She had never ridden a motorcyce before.

    Both "rode" and "ridden" sound completely natural, and not remotely "ignorant".

    What would sound ignorant and odd, though, would be to treat "ride" as a regular verb, and declare "I rided my motorcycle today" or "I have rided my motorcycle often."
  3. konungursvia Banned

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    Rode is the past tense, ridden is the past participle. "I have rode" is common enough, but it is incorrect.
  4. mplsray Senior Member

    Merriam-Webster's Collegiate gives rode--and also rid--as "chiefly dialect(al)" past participles of ride.
  5. sdgraham

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    Quite so. I found this (mis) usage to be common in the northeast corner of Colorado where I lived around 1970 and many people kept horses.
  6. Huw Member

    It's also a common mistake in parts of Wales and especially Scotland too I've noticed. My sister lives in Glasgow and I've noticed that the past tense of irregular verbs are commonly used as the past participle there. "I've went to..." sounds really strange to me.

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