pasta a la carbonara

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  1. corticruz New Member

    Spanish from Spain
    Hello, I need urgently to translate into english "PASTA A LA CARBONARA". Thank you¡¡¡
  2. elprofe

    elprofe Senior Member

    Benidorm (alicante)
    Spanish (Spain)
    spaghetti “(alla) carbonara”
    macaroni “(alla) carbonara”
  3. nykta Senior Member

    USA; English
  4. jmale Senior Member

    Bay Area
    English USA

    Like Nykta, I'd go with Pasta Carbonara if your clients are American, and the menu is all in English. An exception would be if it's an Italian restaurant; then, I'd use Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Macaroni alla Carbonara like elprofe recommends, and of course,depending on the specific pasta to be used. A google search (ricetta Carbonara) shows both phrases are used. Gee, I'm hungry, now.

    Best wishes,

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