pasting removes formatting; colouring bits of posts?

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    Dear all,
    can somebody please help with formatting?

    Is there a way to easily colour every second word in the above sentence, in the same colour? Holding ctrl won't keep the highlighting.
    Done bit by bit:
    can somebody please help with formatting?

    Also, sometimes when I copy this way coloured text, after pasting it turns colourless.*
    But it is not doing it here when I'm trying it:
    can somebody please help with formatting? (pasted).

    * Aha, it happens when I copy from a text in an already posted message.
    * Bolded/italicised text is not being unformatted when pasted; but underlying vanishes when pasted.

    Thank you.
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    Rich Text Editor is not always flawless. You should learn how to use the BB Code Editor, that allows you to have a better control of formatting.

    To switch to BB Code Editor, just use the "Use BB Code Editor" button, top right when you are typing a message.

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