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"I spoke with an attorney who's representing them in a lawsuit against this rule, and she said as many as 15 clinics could be forced to close in Maine if other funding sources can't be found. These groups are looking for other types of funding, but they say they cannot patch through forever. "

I think this "patch through" means to do a make-shift measure so that one can pass a difficult time, but what I've found on the internet is putting someone through to another person on the phone. What do you think of this?

source: Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Title X Program Over Trump Abortion Rule
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    This type of problem often occurs in English : there is a phrasal verb « to patch through » which does indeed mean to establish a communications connection, but here that’s not what’s being used. It’s a combination of « to get through » and any other verb which describes how you’re getting through. Your interpretation is therefore correct


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    I haven't seen this use before. It might have been a slip of the tongue during unscripted speech. The idea comes through, but it's not a standard way of saying it.


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    I have not coe across this expression before, other than the usual radio/telephone connection meaning.

    Perhaps the speaker was thinking of using a figurative garment repair patch to cover a hole in their finances?
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