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    trying to find the correct translation for 'patience', as in "patience is a virtue"
    this is what google translate gave me: סבלנות ; but i would rather have people that
    study languages or know the language let me know the correct way to spell it etc.
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    סבלנות is correct.
  3. origumi Senior Member

    As you may know, most Hebrew speakers are far from the Catholic belief thus "patience is a virtue" has no equivalent idiom in Hebrew and therefore there's no one specific answer.

    סבלנות is correct.
    Iמ Galatians 5:22 St. Paul discusses patience, this is translated by Delitzch (probably the best NT translation) as אורך רוח.
    Other alternatives are מתינות and איפוק.

    You need a short answer, right? So take אורך רוח as a high register translation or סבלנות as a more colloquial one.

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