patient information systems / back-office applications

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    I used to work in the Financial sector, and back-office was called "Administración"
    and front-office was called "operación(es)"

    I found as well in

    Back Office :
    Conjunto de actividades contables, financieras y administrativas generadas por la confirmación escrita de una operación negociada por los agentes del Front Office de una sociedad bursátil.

    Regarding the "patient information systems", could you give us the whole sentece?


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    Patient Information systems:
    Software package that stores, and processes patient information and records in a hospital.

    Back-office applications:
    Back office usually refers to support operations. It is the people and functions of a company that support the business of the company. For example the shipping department, IT, HR etc. are back office operations.

    Microsoft markets (or used) a set of applications designed to support back office operations. Any application that supports these functions might be considered back office.


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    The whole sentence was:
    "Tools to support integration with critical business systems such as payroll, HR, patient information systems, and other back-office applications."

    back-office applications.... that's crystal.