Patines de cuatro ruedas (skating)

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  1. Ireniina Member

    I've found out that "patines en línea" are called "inline skates", but how would i call those ones with four wheels?
  2. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Roller skates
  3. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    Or just "skates."
  4. Ireniina Member

    Thank you both :)
    I have another doubt. If i want to refer not to a sport that i practise everyday but a leisure activity, could i talk about either "rollerblading" or "skating"? would it be the same thing?
  5. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    You might go rollerblading in your spare time. If you went skating, though, people wouldn't know whether you meant ice skating or roller skating.
  6. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    (It is more common to say "I have another question.") :)

    Skating is more general, and can include 4-wheel, old-school roller skates, or in-line skating. Rollerblading refers just to the in-line skating, as I understand it.

    Un Saludo.
  7. Ireniina Member

    Thanks a bundle for everything Stretch! :D

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