Patria Potestad = Total Parental Rights

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    Para todos los que se rascan la cabeza buscando traduccion a

    Patria Potestad

    les informa que es lo que se llama en ingles


    Es cuando uno de los padres RENUNCIA sobre todo derecho legal o sus derechos legales le son REMOVIDOS por oden de un juez.

    Espero les sirva de algo.
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    Patria Potestad = Parental Rights and Responsabilities.

    "Patria Potestad" doesn´t mean that one of the parents relinquish or is deprived from his/her rights as well as removed from his/her obligations as parent. On the contrary, "Patria Potestad" is precisely the complete package of rights and obligations that are inherent to the status of "Parent". Therefore, in a Divorce case both parents will maintain and retain the "Patria Potestad" while it may be the case that only one of the parents will retain the "Custody" or day to day care of the child.

    "Total Parental Rights" may refer to that particular situation when for special circumstances one of the Parents is deprived and removed from his/her rights and obligations upon consideration of the child's interest. But I cannot coment on the translation of "Total Parental Rights".

    Correct me if I am mistaken.
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    TPR= Termination of Parental Rights

    I believe this may be what you are referring to...

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