Patrick Swayze's filmography vs the filmography of Patrick Swayze

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Hi, everyone.
Could you tell me which one of the following sentences sounds more natural?
I am looking for Patrick Swayze's filmography.
I am looking for the filmography of Patrick Swayze.
  • boozer

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    For me, the version with the possessive apostrophe sounds more fluent when talking about people. The 'of' version, on the other hand, is perhaps better in phrases like "the battle of the 21st century".

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    I'd tend to use the "of" version, because this is probably not something which personally belongs to him. It's presumably something which another person (fan, website, studio, biographer...?) has compiled about him. So I'd put it in the same category as Patrick Swayze's photograph (of his sister) compared with my photograph of Patrick Swayze.

    But neither version is wrong.
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