patriotism they go in for turns monkey into donkey


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Here Mrs Sen and Lola fight about America and England. Mrs Sen loves US, and Lola loves England.

"Mun Mun has no hassles in America, nobody cares where you're from__"

"Well, if you're going to call ignorance freedom! And don't tell me that nobody cares. Everybody knows," Lola said bitterly as if it actually mattered to her, " how they treat the Negroes."

"At least they believe you can be happy, baba."

"And the kind of patriotism they go in for turns monkey into donkey phata-phat__just give them a hot dog on a stick, they begin to wave it at the flag and___"

I don't get the red sentence! what does it refer to? what is the story of turning monkey into donkey?

I would be grateful of your help.:)

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel byKiran Desai.
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    The way in which they express their patriotism (in America) turns a clever person into a stupid one.
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