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    Hello hansjakob and welcome to the forum. :)

    There isn't any logical explanation, that I know of. Patron is one of those words that are called « faux amis » or « false friends ».

    Just like librairie = bookstore, whereas library = bibliothèque

    You'll find an explanation on this wiki page and here's a non exhaustive list of such faux-amis

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    Hi Hansjakob

    I didn't know about patron beeing "a regular customer" in English, and it is amazing, I can't see where it comes from. Patron comes from pater...

    As for library mentioned by Nicomon :))), the evolution of sense appears more clearly, Montaigne called his library, "ma librairie" and the difference between senses is lighter.


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    Thanks for your answers. Interesting page, this faux ami page. After wondering about the English patron for a while, I recently came across that explicit question when reading Watanabe, S. (1985). Pattern Recognition: Human and Mechanical. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. In Watanabe's intro there is a section on the etymology of the word 'pattern', being derived form patron. And in there he asks the question about that inverted meaning as a recreational quiz - without giving the answer though. I will keep looking, I find this quite interesting. Thanks again.
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