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Hi all you geniuses out there :D

I need to translate the following sentence and am not sure how to translate "patronage". The context is a letter to a foreign ambassador to the UNESCO requesting his sponsorship??? of a gala evening at the UNEXCO.

J’aimerais m’entretenir avec vous pour vous demander le patronage de cette soirée, et vous présenter nos projets pour l'année 2010-2011.

My attempt: I would like to discuss with you the possibility of obtaining your sponsorship for this evening, and present you with our projects for 2010-2011.
Would the word patronage in English be better?
Thanks in advance.
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    I would think they are asking him to be a patron. Charitable campaigns and events often refer to major donors as "patrons". I think the capacity could be assigned even without goods or services changing hands, just to have the patron lend their prestige to the event.

    "someone who supports or champions something"

    It doesn't lend itself well to conversion into "patronage", which is used to refer to giving a business one's custom, more.


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    Thank you for ruling "patronage" out. The ambassador would not be making a financial donation to the event, but lending his prestige. In that sense, sponsor and patron would be synonyms, I think...
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