Patronato nacional de la infancia

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    Field and topic:
    Can I translate "Patronato Nacional de la Infancia" as "Children National Board". Could somebody please give other choices. Thanks

    Sample sentence:
    Se tiene como parte al Patronato Nacional de la Infancia
  2. begoña fernandez Senior Member

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    Hola Yenni..
    Yo lo encuentro apropiado, ahora si quieres traducirlo literalmente puede ser:
    Children national patronage/sponsoring committee

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  5. Jennifer Gill New Member

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    PATRONATO NACIONAL DE LA INFANCIA (The National Children’s Board)
  6. imarie Member

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    Childrens National Foundation
  7. the boss Banned

    Why foundation? Se habla de un Patronato, que no es lo mismo
  8. Jennifer Gill New Member

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    patronato m 1. (protección) patronage 2. ECON employers' organization 3. (fundación) foundation 4. (junta directiva) board

    from Cambridge Dictionary

    As you can see there are many definitions for the word Patronato.

    I found a translation for the words online from Costa Rica:

    PANI (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia) (National Children's Board)

    I hope this helps.
  9. the boss Banned

  10. Jennifer Gill New Member

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    Patronato was the word asked for...not patronage, they are two different animals.
  11. didakticos

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    what's the difference between "Children National Board" (from the Boss) and "National Children's Board" (from Jeniffer Hill)? Why not "Children's National Board"?
  12. Jennifer Gill New Member

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    You could translate it that way, perhaps, but that may not be the actual name of the organization. But the apostophe "s" is a necessary element.
  13. JanetF Senior Member

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    According to my translation software, patronato = board, trust, council.

    You cannot use 'Children National Board' as it is simply and clearly incorrect English. 'National Children's Board' is a better suggestion, although in British English the use of 'board' sounds very 1950s. These days, we would be more likely to use 'council', ‘trust’, ‘foundation’ or even, if it were part of central government, 'department'. Yes, before you all jump in, I know it is not a direct translation, but presumably we are talking about real life, not dry, theoretical translation!
  14. Dani California

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    Hola Janet
    Si me permites diría que, en lo que a España se refiere, la distinción entre patronato (board) y fundación (foundation) es importante y creo que también lo es en el país de origen de quien inició el thread, usar foundation (or even council or trust instead of board) supondría confundir el todo con la parte, dado que este término (board=el patronato) alude a la junta directiva de la fundación, que no a la entidad como tal.
    Recibe un cordial saludo.
  15. JanetF Senior Member

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    Hi, Dani! Thanks for that. Yes, I quite understand.

    The longer I live in Spain, the more I realise how free and easy so many administrative matters are in the UK. It was the same when I lived in France. Terms such as board, foundation, council and trust have precise, sometimes legal, definitions in the UK, but are far less tightly regulated than in many (most?) other countries.

    Organisations frequently change their names or titles - the public sector is a major offender in this respect – and an entity which was called the National Children’s Board in the 1950s may well have changed its name to National Children’s Council in the 1970s, to The Trust For Childhood in the 1990s and by now would probably be called something like Kids Unlimited! It happens all the time in the UK – charities and public sector organisations are always doing it in the hope of appearing modern and ‘with-it’.

    I understand that we are very much the exception, rather than the rule in such matters!

    Un saludo.
  16. termes Senior Member

    Going over and over the matter, I've found this:

    Safeguarding Children's Board. Here

    Is it the same thing??
  17. David

    David Banned

    In Centroamérica, el Patronato es generalmente la mesa directiva du un grupo sin fines de lucro, el cual podría haberse establecido bajo una de varias formas de pacto social o estatutos, sea fundación, corporación no lucrativa, etc., todos equivalentes al significado general de una foundation en inglés. Aunque el patronato es técnicamente, como dice Danicalifornia, la directiva, y no el grupo como tal, el equivalente más cercano en uso general en inglés sería National Children's (con la apóstrofe) Council, aunque National Children's Foundation también suena natural. Si el énfasis del original es sobre la directiva, y no el grupo, se podría usar Board. Depende de la intención del autor del original. Sospecho que el Patronato Nacional tico es una corporación cuasi gubernamental, y el nombre se refiere a todo el grupo, no solo a la directiva del, pero no se sabe si es fundación con apoyo financiero gubernamenta, corporación caritatativa, etc. Council o Foundation serían igualmente adecuados, en mi opinión.
  18. silky1972

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    También lo encontré traducido como "National Child Welfare Agency" y me parece bastante acertado.

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