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    Hi there,

    Does anyone here could tell me what does Pausengestaltung mean when it comes to oral skills...? I came across this word in this paragraph

    Er muss fähig sein, die Aussage durch sinvolle Intonation bzw. Tonführung, Akzentuierung und Pausengestaltung klar zu strukturieren und damit auch zu interpretieren.

    < ... > Thank you for your help!
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  2. Hutschi

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    Pausengestaltung is "Gestaltung der Pausen" = forming/configuration/arrangement of the breaks.

    Breaks are part of the speach. You can make long or short breaks, you can "emphasize" breaks by mimik or using the hands (e.g. showing something) and body language.

    But basically it means where you set breaks and length of breaks.
    Breaks may modify the intonation of a sentence.

    You can set the umlauts pressing the litte umlaut icons just above the editing area in the icon bar. It is visible during writing.
  3. MedicenSaraTomate

    MedicenSaraTomate Senior Member

    Lima, Perú
    Spanish (Perú)
    Thanks Hutschi! I think its now quite clear! :)

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