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"I don't think it shows too much about your profession," Mickelson replied, pausing for effect. "Other than that, I just heard about it recently."

What does this phrase mean?
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    Mickelson, instead of continuing immediately after "[...] your profession" with "Other than that, [...]", he pauses for a bit to create an effect, to make what follows sound more serious?, thoughtful? it depends on what he wanted to show really.

    See the following examples:

    "I have something to say" [pause for effect] " I am getting married next week" (I want to create some suspense)

    "I have thought about your problem a lot" [pause for effect] " The solution is [....]" ( I want to show that the solution I came up with is an admirable one, one they have to follow, that this is a weighty opinion)

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    In this particular case, the pause was to underline his condemnation of a profession (journalism) that contained members that would publish fake nude photographs of another golfer's wife. The pause gave reporters time to register that their profession is held in low esteem by Michelson.