payment in lieu of vacation

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Would there be a good term or phrase to be used in payslips that refers to the allowance one gets on an yearly basis for unused vacation?

Would "yearly allowance (or payment) in lieu of vacation" work, which looks kind of long and droopy,
or is there a more commonly used expression for this instance that I don't know about?

If the expression were as good as any, would there be a good way to make it sound more to-the-point, trimming out the fat and making it look more proper for the said occasion?
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  • pwmeek

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    Unused vacation compensation is fairly concise and accurate. It's been a long time since I looked at such a payslip, and there may be an "official" term, but if there is, I can't think of it.


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    I'm not familiar with a term for it because I'm not familiar with the concept, but it sounds like a great idea. pwmeek's "unused vacation compensation" makes sense to me.
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