[Payments] installments and bills: ''late'' vs on ''time''

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

This topic is regarding payments: of bills and installments.

When you buy things on credit, every month you have installments to pay. You also have bills to pay every month: light bill, water bill, etc.

My question: Is it idiomatic / natural to use "be on time with" and "be late with" to mean "I'm paying my bills/installments on time/late''?

Ex1: I'm on time with my bills/installments.
Ex2: I'm late with my installments/bills.

Thank you in advance!
  • panjandrum

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    (2) seems OK to me.

    With (1), it depends a bit on what you are trying to say.
    I might say "I always pay my bills/installments on time," meaning that I always pay them on or before their due date.
    Or I might say "I'm up to date with my bills/installments," meaning that I have no outstanding unpaid bills/installments. Here, "on time" doesn't seem to me appropriate.
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