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  1. Psyque New Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Payor = this is a position held at a Hospital.

    How would you translate it into Spanish?

    What is the equivalent in Spain?

    My try is: "Gestor de Pagos"

    Any other alternatives?

    What would be the best translation from your point of view?

    Many thanks!
  2. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Have you any more context? A Payor (more usually spelled "payer") is normally just a "pagador".
  3. Psyque New Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Hi Dlyons,

    The correct spelling is Payor and it is a position held at a Hospital.

    They can decide what drugs are bought to provide each and all departments at a Hospital.

    Their decision is supported by a decision comittee usually with experts from different departments and is also determined by which drugs are approved and how effective they are in relation to the cost incurred by the Hospital.

    Any ideas as to how this job is referred to in Spain?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland

    Hi Psyque.

    I've done some web searching (e.g. below) and the only instancers of Payor I can see, refer to pagadors rather than the function you describe. Can you give the context in which your job appears?
  5. Psyque New Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    The context is described in my previous e-mail.
  6. Ynez Senior Member

    No sé la palabra exacta que buscas, Psyque, ni sé si se llaman igual en todos los hospitales de España, pero algunas posibilidades son:

    Jefe de almacén.
    Jefe de aprovisionamiento.
    Jefe de la unidad de aprovisionamiento y logística.

    Cosas así se entenderían, mientras no venga alguien y diga que conoce exactamente cómo se llama. :)
  7. aviangel Senior Member

    Spain; spanish
    En mi hospital este cargo lo ocupa el "Jefe de compras".
    Un saludo.
  8. raserran Member

    Colombia - Español
    Es el nombre de la empresa en la que trabaja el paciente y que paga la afiliación del paciente a la compañía aseguradora de salud.
  9. Langosta

    Langosta Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina - Español
    Hola a todos,

    Tarde pero seguro, ante la misma duda encontré lo siguiente:

    "Health care payor" means:

    (a) Any insurance company authorized to provide health insurance in this state;
    (b) A health maintenance organization;
    (c) A health care service contractor;
    (d) Any legal entity that is self-insured and provides benefits for health care services to its employees;
    (e) Any legal entity responsible for handling claims for health care services under a state or federal medical assistance program;
    (f) The State of Oregon or any local government within this state that makes payments for health care services;
    (g) Any insurer authorized under ORS chapter 731 to transact workers' compensation or casualty insurance in this state; or
    (h) Any employer authorized under ORS chapter 656 to self-insure its workers' compensation risk.



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