Pays de connexion

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently translating a website from French into English and I'm having doubts as to how to translate "Pays de connection". We ask this information to know from which country the viewer logs in to the website.

Which of these 2 solutions sounds the most colloquial to you?
- Country of connection:
- You are logging in from:

Thank you so much for your help!
  • dawid

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    Hi Claire,

    To me Country of connection doesn't sound great. Not much than Pays de connexion (et non de connection, qui est anglais).

    You are logging in from might be a bit... less weird, if I can say so.

    If I'm saying this, it's just because usually you don't ask visitors where they're visiting the website from. I guess there are tools or code that will automatically give you the answer for that (such as in a blog), perhaps according to their IP or whatever else.

    Can't you just say Country by any chance?


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    Thank you both your prompt answer!
    Sorry for the mistake in French, ooops...

    I agree with you Dawid: it does not sound natural to ask this information to visitors. But I cannot just say "country" because this is a website for expatriates and we also ask them their home country and country of just saying "country" might be a little bit confusing.

    I guess we need to ask visitors their "country of connection" because it can be different from home country/country of expatriation.

    I think I'll go for "you are logging in from" but wait for native-speaker answers!

    Thank you!
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