PBI (Producto Bruto Interno)

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    Hola! quisiera saber si alguien me puede ayudar a encontrar el equivalente al PBI (Producto Bruto Interno) que seria el valor total de la producción de bienes y servicios dentro del territorio nacional. Thanks a Lot!
  2. jacoquito Senior Member

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    En ingles: Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Si no estoy respondiendo a su pregunta, no conozco el equivalente.
  3. Lady Beatle Member

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    Muchas Gracias! Era lo que necesitaba :thumbsup:
  4. Lady Ro New Member

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  5. sandpiperlily

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    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) are not the same thing.

    From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_national_product#GNP_vs._GDP

    "Gross National Product (GNP) is often contrasted with Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While GNP measures the output generated by a country's enterprises - whether physically located domestically or abroad - GDP measures the total output produced within a country's borders - whether produced by that country's own firms or not.
    When a country's capital or labor resources are employed outside its borders, or when a foreign firm is operating in its territory, GDP and GNP can produce different measures of total output. In 2009 for instance, the United States estimated its GDP at $14.119 trillion, and its GNP at $14.265 trillion.[2]"
  6. Lady Ro New Member

    Oaxaca, Mexico
    I stand corrected! Thanks so much for the info. Economics are definitely not my strong point.

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