1. ginnni Member

    "S. wrote, co-produced and hosted for PBS Pledge Shows based on her best-seller books." - please comment for me, if possible, the meaning of "PBS Pledge Show" as if for some one from another country, I mean the interpreter has to forge a term, to create a new name maybe for something even non existant in the other country.
  2. fenixpollo

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    American English
    ...un programa para recaudar fondos para la red televisiva PBS...

    One possibility. Hope it helps.

  3. ginnni Member

    It this " collecting funds for a TV channel" ? What must be: "red televisiva"? English is only helpful for me, apologize for not having told that.
  4. scotu Senior Member

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    Chicago English
    PBS stands for "Public Broadcasting System" commonly known as "Public Television" It is funded by contributions (not advertising), using pledge drives. Pledge drives are special TV shows that solicit funds.

    You have posted your message in the "Spanish forum". Did you want Spanish help or English help?

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