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Could anybody help me with this abbreviation? "PCB" context: "potential PCB contamination in soil". I guess something about PolyCarbonate... PolyCyclic... or similar

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    polychlorinated biphenyls

    Very nasty stuff.

    It is a toxic industrial chemical, it was excreted in industrial wastewater into streams & sewer systems in America - & other places I imagine - & contamined groundwater & streams & lakes & continued on to the oceans.

    People drank the contaminated wellwater & swam in these lakes & ate the fish they caught in these streams.
    The chemical is retained in the fatty tissues in fish and in the animals that eat fish like eagles & otters, etc..
    PCBs are also absorbed into the silt & mud on the bottom of rivers & lakes.
    It takes decades if not longer to dissolve or break down so it must be dredged out. It is somewhat similar to dioxin.

    The United States Environmental Protection Agnency has a fact sheet on the subject (in English).


    I believe that if you Google "PCB" - all capital letters - & the word "chemical" in most languages Google should be able to return some relevant sites. You might also add the word "Monsanto" - this corporation was the major source of PCB pollution in America.

    Take care -
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