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Hi, I am quite skilled in Arabic calligraphy and not so much in Arabic.
I am thinking about creating a gift for a friend - a calligraphy sheet.

I want to say something like: Peace be upon the house of Mustafa and Nadia.

Would the below sound ok?

السلام على دار مصطفى و ناديا

I am mainly concerned about the possessive 'house of' is it enough to use status constructus for that? And is the above correct?
Also, is it more appropriate to use dar or bayt for house?
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    السلام على بيت مصطفى ونادية

    Note the spelling of نادية.

    What is your intention in saying this, though? Depending on your purpose this wording may not be natural/effective.


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    they invited us for a dinner and he likes my calligraphy so I was thinking about giving a gift and saying something nice. I know a Quranic verse would be first choice here but he is not particularly religious and neither am I so it would come across awkard

    can the above sentence do the job? if not can you think about something common, non-Quranic, that could do the job here? :)


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    I think بارك بيت مصطفى ونادية is more natural here. Variations of that are what I saw for sale in Palestine and Jordan.


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    I prefer السلام على بيت مصطفى ونادية, because the sentence with بارك is missing a subject, and if you add something like اللهم بارك (the only possibility I can think of) then it will be the undesired religion-related phrase.


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    Thanks all, at the end I went for just their names joined together in thuluth style. They were very happy.
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