peace tack or peace talks ?

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In the NY Times today I read:

Obama’s Peace Tack Contrasts With Key Aide, Friend of Israel

WASHINGTON — Five days ago, during a closed-door meeting with a group of Middle East experts, administration officials, and journalists, King Abdullah II of Jordan gave his assessment of how Arabs view the debate within the Obama administration over how far to push Israel on concessions for peace with the Palestinians.

Is it peace tack or peace talks ?

Thanks in advance
  • Chaska Ñawi

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    It is peace tack. It comes from an old sailing expression, where you tack, or zig-zag, back and forth when sailing against the wind.

    When we say, "He tried a new tack", about a person trying to convince somebody else of something, it means that he's trying a different approach.

    I don't really agree with the NYT usage of the term, but that's beside the point. :)

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