peck at someone

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"But it's dull at Aunt March's, and she is so cross," said Amy, looking rather frightened.

"It won't be dull with me popping; in every day to tell you how Beth is, and take you out gallivanting. The old lady likes me, and I'll be as sweet as possible to her, so she won't peck at us, whatever we do."

Little Women

Does peck at mean find faults with in the above passage?
Please help. Thank you.
  • lingobingo

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    Yes. This definition from the OED:

    5. intransitive. to peck at
    a. To aim at with the beak, to try to peck. Also in extended use.
    b. figurative. To carp, object to, nag at; (also) to bully, to pick on.
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