peck into?

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Hi there
Could you please tell me what does "peck into" mean here? I check the dictionary but there is no meaning which is matched here!!

The frequency with which certain simple motifs appear in these oldest sites has led rock-art researchers to adopt a descriptive term-the Panaramitee style-a label which takes its name from the extensive rock pavements at Panaramitee North in desert South Australia, which are covered with motifs pecked into the surface.

Reference: Sample of TOEFL Exam

Thank you in advance
  • Keith Bradford

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    It's one of these meanings which are in the WordReference Dictionary:
    1. to strike or indent with the beak, as a bird does, or with some pointed instrument, esp. with quick, repeated movements.
    2. to make (a hole, puncture, etc.) by such strokes; pierce.


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    I find the use of peck unusual in this context, although it might be jargon used by archaeologists.
    The primary meaning is of a bird, which pecks with its beak (e.g. a woodpecker).

    Added: on checking in the OED I did indeed find that it is archaeological jargon.
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