Pedagogy of integration

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Jin akashini

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Hello every body,

I would like you ask you meaning of the red word “pedagogy of integration” here in this case. Does it mean a kind of teaching method, meaning that teacher integrates subjects when teaching ? (like linking maths with physics or chemistry ?).

" In this context and within the framework of its co-operation program with Vietnam, in 1995 the European Commission5 assigned the Bureau d’Ingénierie en Education et en Formation (BIEF, or Education and Training Engineering Bureau, in Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium) with the mission to help develop a textbook implementing the principles of pedagogy of integration. The Vietnam Education Publishing House opted for a textbook Awakening Integration in Social and Natural Sciences, for the 4th basic grade (Dao et al., 1996 "

There above sentence is a document on education, here is link ?

Many thanks,
  • dojibear

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    English - Northeast US
    The meaning is not clear from knowledge of English. It is not a normal term. Instead, it is a new term which the author invents in his title, and which will be defined (explained) within the article. The only way to learn what he means by the term is to read the article.
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