Pedal pumping

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    Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing)
    Pedal pumping

    Your definition or explanation: "...a fetish in which men watch women trying to start cars or trucks"

    Example: (An example of the term in use)

    " [Pedal pumping is] a combination of the foot fetish with the all-American car fetish," says sexologist Dr. Susan Block, who has been featured on HBO's Real Sex and Cathouse and has pumped her fair share of pedals. "The basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion: the muscles releasing and contracting as the foot rubs repetitively against a phallic symbol, which is the gas pedal. Men think of themselves as cars. The 'vroom' of the engine reminds them of their own libidos being revved up by this hot woman."

    One or more places you have seen the term: (Please give URLs/links to web pages, or a full description of a print publication.) Quote above is from -

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes
    There was one short and uninformative note in the Urban Dict.
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    I have to say that only this week did I learn of the existance of "pedal pumping" - of the phrase AND of the fetish. It immediately brought Quentin Tarantino movies to mind (especially "Deathproof") and I thought it was marvelous.

    I'm all in favor of its inclusion here.
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    Ahaha, I remember finding--quite a few years ago by now--the StuckChicks website which was mentioned by the Daily Beast article. I find it absolutely hilarious that such a niche fixation has made it into the more-or-less mainstream news.
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    Now all we need is an equivalent term for that other classic,
    the big, strong, mechanically all-knowing male. He is called to get a balky lawnmower or other engine to start. He pulls the cord, abruptly and vigorously. Nothing happens. He does it again, after tinkering with the choke. Nothing. He fiddles with the carburetor, the fuel line valve, the spark plug wire. He gives a great tug.

    Nothing happens.

    Now he stands, arms crossed on his chest, and utters, with total authority, the words that excuse and explain his abject failure: "Vapor lock."

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    We also (rather obviously) need a term for those ladies who get a thrill from seeing a man trying to thread a needle ...

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