Pedantic vs fastidious


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Hello everybody. As I was watching a post form a native speaker on Instagram, I got a bit perplexed. I always thought that pedantic is fundamentally different from fastidious or meticulous. To the best of my knowledge when a person is Pedantic it means he/she is paying too much attention to small unimportant details. I would like to stress, unimportant small details, which may not be applied to fastidious (based on my opinion). Small details are not always unimportant!
what's your opinion? can they be used interchangeably?
I’d appreciate it if you could expound this point.
Thank you very much.
  • Shandol

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    Please give us the sentence in which the word was used
    For example :"I am super pedantic about making sure I get the most value for my money. I spend hours researching and comparing alternatives online before finally making up my mind and pulling the trigger."


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    "Pedantic" would generally apply to something being correct. Perhaps a better word would be "fanatical." You could use "meticulous"; "fastidious" might apply, but it wouldn't be my first choice.
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