pediatric dentist = pediatrician?

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Hello members,

Can you call a pediatric dentist a pediatrician? Say for example, "Go see Dr. Smith. He is a pediatrician."

Is it okay if it's understood we are talking about dentists? OR is it never okay? Does it only mean pediatric doctors?

Thank you very much!
  • siares

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    We don't have any in my country, but we have special dentists for people with learning difficulties, with phobia of dentists (often children) etc. They've had training and take time to soothe patients, also the surgery is equipped to provide full anesthesia for those who cannot be persuaded to cooperate.


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    India - Hindi
    As far as the UK goes, it's relatively uncommon outside of a dental hospital. Most dental practices over here treat both adults and children.
    Thanks a million , Donny. The UK goes a long way, as we follow mostly BE. :)

    Thanks a lot, Kentix. So it's common in the US mainly.
    Thanks a lot for your kind response, Siares.
    You all have been really helpful.
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