peer group technique

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Stray Lamb

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Hi! I read "Helter Skelter", by Vincent Bugliosi, and I didn't understand some excerpts. This is one of them:

To negate the defense’s new argument that the girls were on LSD during the murders, and therefore less responsible for their acts, I asked Joel Fort [the psychiatrist]: “Isn’t it true, Doctor, that people under the influence of LSD do not tend to be violent?”
A. “That is true.”
Still attacking the prosecution’s theory of Manson’s domination, Kanarek [Manson defense attorney] asked Fort: “Now, do you know of any cases where someone has - I mean, other than in the Frankenstein type of picture - do you know where someone has sat down and programmed people to go out, let’s say, and commit armed robberies, burglaries, assaults? Do you know of any such instances?”
A. “Yes. In one sense, that is what we do when we program soldiers in a war…The Army uses a peer group technique and the patriotic ideals that are instilled in citizens of a particular country to bring about this pattern of behavior.”

What does "peer group technique" mean?
  • reno33

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    peer group technique = a method used to control someone by pressuring him to do or think something because all his peers (friends, comrades, coworkers etc) are doing or thinking it.
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