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Hello, a sentence has always been popping up in my head and really makes me confused these days, as such I have to come here for your kind help and clarification.

The sentence is put simply like this "ALAN WILSON PEERED past his Atomics at the skiers whizzing by 20 feet below the chairlift". What does the "PEERED past" and "Atomics" really mean here to make the whole sentence sense?

by the way, wanna a meaning in english <<That is not an English sentence.>>:)

Thanks in advance.

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  • JamesM

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    I imagine Atomics are a brand of shoes. "Peered" is "looked intently", usually, so he looked past his feet as he was riding the chairlift at the skiers below.

    [edit] oops... skis, not shoes. Double oops... tepatria already caught it. :)
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