peer-to-peer feature?

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I read one document about health center and I wonder this phrase peer-to-peer feature? in this sentence:

Each health center's assessment in the quarter will be conducted by 2 assessors: 1 from district level and 1 from another health center in the same district, introducing a peer-to-peer feature into the existing model.
Thank you. What does the reporter want to say about this peer-to-peer feature?
  • GretchenPlay

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    New Zealand, NZE
    So a peer is your equal in some way, in this case the peers are two health centres. In this article one health centre is being assessed by another, this is where the peer-to-peer comes from. Peer-to-peer feature merely means that a new aspect (one in which peers assess each other) has been added to the old model.

    I hope that helps.
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