películas triple x

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  1. silsalu Senior Member

    español/ argentina
    Hola amigos. Cómo se traduce: películas triple X??
  2. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    Triple x movies or xxx movies
  3. silsalu Senior Member

    español/ argentina
    Thanks Bilma!
  4. Tape2Tape

    Tape2Tape Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    British English, Spain
    In fact when I saw the listing for the Vin Diesel film XXX I assumed it was going to be like Boogie Nights.

    Thankfully I didn't waste my money!

    (However when I once walked past a rather discreet poster-free cinema dedicated to cinematography of the "erotic" genre I did ask a Spanish friend what 'Salax' meant... :eek: )

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