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    I have a Mexican friend who used the word pelangocha to refer to a girl who thought he was being perverted when in all reality he probably was, but he tried to convey that pelangocha is what one would call a person who wrongly acuses a person of being perverted. Any help with the word? Examples of how to use it would be nice, as would a translation.
  2. BocaJuniors

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    Me dice mi amigaza mexicana que pelangocha es un regionalismo mexicano y es la forma femenina de otro regionalismo: pelado (grosero, mal educado, vulgar, despreciable).

    Pero espera a ver qué dicen los mexicanos. Saludos :)
  3. koxol Senior Member

    BocaJuniors is right. Pelangocha derives from pelada, which was a word used to describe someone with vulgar manners.
    An actress in the eighties popularized the term (she called herself "la pelangocha") and she basically was not into "good manners/morals", which included the use of a "dirty" language and what you call being "perverted".

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