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Hi anyone,

I am translating a technical document about renewables energies and i do not know how to understand "pellets heating".The text is the following:

At the same time there also was a substantial decline in the sales of new heating systems, particularly of condensing boilers and pellets heating, to which ST systems are more frequently coupled.

Any help will be good.


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    There are wood burning stoves that have become popular in the US. Some of these burn wood, like a cord of wood--and others burn pellets and are called a pellet stove. The pellet stove is supposed to be a little easier to regulate as to how much wood you burn, as the pellets are weighed. I think they're ground wood that is pressurized with extra cellulose and have a certain (always dependable) amount of water in them. When you buy a cord of wood, you are not always sure of what you are getting or how long it will last. The pellets have been standardized so that whatever you put in last night to keep the house warm all night should be about the same amount you put in tonight to do the same.


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    I would like to add to MJScott's answer (which sounded completely accurate to me) the following:

    Many pellet stoves have an automatic hopper that will regulate the amount of pellets to be burned. So you can put into the hopper a full week's worth of pellets and let the fire burn slowly for the entire week. Then you would allow it to cool and clean out the ash.

    Unlike a woodburning stove which is usually used to provide temporary heat, pellet stoves are frequently used as the primary heat source for a home.
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