Pena, pensamiento, atáco, llantén, escansel, toronjil, guantug, melloco, oca, zanahoria blanca

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  1. Pichincha New Member

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    I’d be grateful for any help in translating these plants/ vegetables into English. These are the names I have been told by famers in Ecuador. Maybe some of them don’t have English names, I'm not sure…
    thanks very much

    Pena, pensamiento, atáco, llantén, escansel, toronjil, guantug, ( herbs/mediicnal plants)

    melloco, oca, zanahoria blanca (Vegetables)

    borojo, naranjilla, taxo, granadilla, grulla, gullan ( frutas)
  2. octavia de cadiz Senior Member

    español perú
    hi! i'm half ecuatorian and half peruvian.

    i'm afraid i might confuse you even more... in peru, melloco is called olluco. taxo is called tumbo. i live in mexico and instead of granadilla they call it granada china.

    i'm sorry i can't be more useful.

    good luck!
  3. Haurgelmir Member

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    Hi Pichincha!

    It's hard to explain you, wich are the meanings of these plants, vegetables and fruits, because they change in terms of meaning depending of the geographical area as octavia de cadiz said.

  4. themere

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