penchées sur son berceau

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  1. alexis_1025 Member

    English, Canada
    J'ai du mal à capter le sens de l'expression: "les bonnes fées se sont vraiment penchées sur son berceau."
    Est-ce qu'on dirait peut-être "the world's at his feet"?
    Merci d'avance.
  2. Matamoscas Senior Member

    Ireland English
    I would go for a version suggesting the good fairy (singular) has really been looking after him from the cradle, but snappier if possible
  3. david314

    david314 Senior Member

    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    Perhaps: He/She lives a charmed life. :)
  4. alexis_1025 Member

    English, Canada
    Thanks to both of you!
  5. le chat noir

    le chat noir Senior Member

    Paris, France
    I don't know from which folklore it originates, but this expression is based on a myth where fairies were supposed to lean over newborn cradles to upgrade their karma with permanent blessings.

    So the expression means that someone is so gifted/lucky/successful that there must have been a lot of fairies around his/her cradle.

    Something like "Born under a really good star" maybe?
  6. Matamoscas Senior Member

    Ireland English
    David's is neat.:D
  7. lyrwriter Senior Member

    English (US)
    Yes, I definitely like David's suggestion as well.:) It carries a similar connotation of magical influence, but isn't a direct translation (as the phrase is somewhat clumsy in English).

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