penetrate the fog of time elapsed

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Jeff Jacobs

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William forget about assassin :

King Henry V: Remedy this failure.
William: So much has happened in the intervening months.
King Henry V: An event as pivotal as this one should be amply equipped to penetrate the fog of time elapsed.

what does it mean, "penetrate the fog of time elapsed"?
  • Darlingpurslane

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    English - US
    When a memory ages, it gets more and more vague. "The fog of time elapsed" is describing the haziness or vagueness that occurs when a memory gets older. For example, you can probably remember clearly what you ate for breakfast this morning, but you probably cannot remember clearly what you ate for breakfast three weeks ago.

    William says that he cannot remember the event because a lot of things have happened in the time since, but King Henry V replies that the event was so important or unusual that he should be able to remember anyway. That is, the importance of the event should cause William's memory of it to remain clear and break through, or penetrate, the blurriness that comes with time.
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