penetrating space-time continuum

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In the animation ''Free birds'' two turkeys are going to travel in time using a time machine. When they get to the right place one of them starts saying things like: ''Entering time module. Initiating launch sequence. Tingling sensation in lower body. Blood pressure rising, rapidly...penetrating space-time continuum''.

What does he mean by saying ''penetrating space-time continuum''? What is ''space-time continuum'' anyway?
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    The WRF dictionary has an entry - does this help?
    space-time, space-time continuum n
    • the four-dimensional continuum having three spatial coordinates and one time coordinate that together completely specify the location of a particle or an event


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    The space-time continuum is a term to describe the state of the universe. We live in the space-time continuum of this universe. That is, we live at a particular place and at a particular time. Our place in the universe is constantly changing as galaxies rotate. Time, in our universe, appears to flow only in [what we consider to be] a forward direction.

    The theory of time travel is that there are worm-holes in space that allow subatomic particles to travel to a new position in space-time: i.e. somewhere else and at an earlier or later time. Such a worm-hole penetrates the space-time continuum.

    Where were you when this was explained to you in elementary school? :D


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    By the way this is pseudo-science. We exist in the space-time continuum. There is no need to penetrate it, we're already here.

    Film-makers are notoriously ignorant of real science.


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    Seriously?:D Do they teach you things like that in your elementary school?:) That's why all of you become Einstein after a while.;)
    Haha, there is actually a very famous song called "Let's Do the Time Warp" from the movie "Rocky Horror Picture Show".
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