Pensamiento crítico

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    Hi, could anybody help me with some translations of my school subjects in Spanish, i'm trying to do a kind of Transcript. ok Let's start. these are the translations I made by myself:

    1. Pensamiento Crítico: Critic Thought.
    2. Vida Académica: Academic Life.
    3. Historia de la civilización I: would it be Civilisation History or History of Civilisation?
    4. Lenguaje y expresion: Language and Expression?
    5. ALgebra= algebra (this one aint so tough.=)
    6. Computación= Computing.
    7. Química inorgánica: Inorganic Chemistry.
    8. Pensamiento creativo: creative thought.
    9. Multimedia: i think it remains the same.
    10. Química orgánica: Organic Chemistry.
    11. Ética ciudadana: civic ethics.
    12. Historia de Mexico: Mexican hisotry, history of Mexico
    13. Historia y apreciacion del arte: Art history and appreciation.
    14. Lenguaje y comunicacion: i think Language and communication.
    15. Trigonometria: i guess trigonometry.
    16. Metodos de investigacion cientifica: Scientific Research Methods.
    17. Biologia: biology.
    18: Relacion humana: human relationship(s)?
    19. Economía y estado: economy and State.
    20. Clasicos de la literatura: Literature CLassics.
    21. Geometrpia analitica: analitic geometry.

    And that's all folks! it seemed to be long, it isn't really. THanx for the help.
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    1. Critical thought.
    3. History of Civilisation (BE) / Civilization (AE)
    19. Economy and state (no need for the capital letter)
    20. Classics of literature or Literary classics.
    21. Analytic geometry.

    Well done!!!
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    Critical thinking

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