Penser bien faire


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I would like to mean "penser bien faire" dans la phrase :
Concernant mon séjour à X, j'ai le projet d'y trouver un appartement en location.J'ai donc pensé bien faire en ne vous joignant pas maintenant de contrat de location.

Maybe :
I thought do well / I thought do it with good way.

Your opinion ?
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    Hey S.
    Les anglophones dirait sans doute le contraire "je ne pensais pas à mal...", mais:

    I thought I was acting right/righteous?/straight in not sending you the contract now.

    "I did what I tought you expected" est peut être plus clair.


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    "I thought I was doing the right thing in not sending..."
    "I though that not sending the contract now was the right thing to do"

    There are many other options that would depend on the context - who are you writing to? Is it someone you are familiar with or is it an "official" letter? But the suggestions above should work in most cases...
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